Tudy McLain (harp, whistle) started playing Celtic music in 1976 with the bagpipe, and then progressed to pennywhistle and Irish Flute. By the 1980's she was touring with Laurie Riley and Michael MacBean. Then came the interest in Celtic harps.  Tudy finished Music School with a harp degree in 1988, and a grant from the state launched "Greensleeves Harp Music" in 1989.  More information at Greensleeves Harp.

Molly Bauckham (vocals, harp, bodhrán​) has been playing the harp since 1998. Born in Northern California and raised in California and Maui, Molly now lives, works, performs and teaches harp in Seattle, Washington. Her debut album, Maid on the Shore, was released in 2011.  More information at Harp Molly.
Bruce McCaskey (concertina):  A Seattle native, Bruce started with the accordion in his youth and converted to the Anglo Concertina after visiting Ireland about 15 years ago.  Bruce currently teaches Anglo Concertina at Dusty Strings in Seattle.

Aki Namioka (irish flute): has played the concert flute for more than 40 years, and started playing Irish music in 2006 after a trip to Ireland sparked her interest.  She performs both traditional and classical music.  She is the Session Lead at the Shawn O'Donnell's Thursday Sessions.